What is a Guided Life Meditation?

An empowering and uplifting Guided Life Meditation and Chakra balance will leave you feeling crystal clear in body and mind. Taking the time to actively plan your goals and work out your core beliefs and how they contributes towards a higher state of wellbeing and purpose.

This treatment provides you with positive guidance across all various aspects of health and fitness, intellectual and emotional life, spiritual practice, relationships, parenting, finances, career, quality of life, life vision and world view.

What can I expect from a Guided Life Meditation?

Prior to a session, you’ll receive a specially designed Life Mediation personal guidance sheet so that you can record all the personal details that will arise as a result of this meditation.

A Guided Life Session starts by helping you to feel grounded and aligned as we balance your seven main chakras which are the energy centres in your body. You will then be lead on an exciting journey to explore twelve different aspects of your life, bringing everything to clarity while you gain inspiration to align with your higher self.

To maximise the value of your session you will be given time at the end of the meditation to reflect on any key points you wish to bring to your thoughts and ideas. We will end the session with a grounding exercise so that you feel fully prepared and empowered to take the action needed towards achieving your goals.

Guided Life Meditation
£60 (approx one hour)
Email or message Sophie on 07811 137653 to book now.

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