The more we can understand ourselves the better perspective and deeper awareness we have. Through a Personal Numerology Report you gain contentment , becoming more effectual and making life seem easier. This is a wonderful gift to give yourself or to give to someone you love.

Everything in life carries its own unique energy. The day that you were born on and the name that you were given at birth pertain to various insightful characteristics, personality traits, life experiences and life lessons. Awareness of specific talents and abilities will assist you on your life path, as well as knowledge of specific turning points throughout your life. Numerology will deepen your awareness and empower you with new ideas.

Numerology is based on the premise that numbers express not only quantity, but also quality. Dating back to before the dawn of history Numerology has been practiced in various forms all over the world.


Pythagoras of Samos was one of the earliest known numerologists. Born around 600 BC his works identified that numbers existed independently of material form and were therefore sacred.

Pythagoras taught us that the Universe is an expression of mathematical relationships. This is because the Universe is vibration and everything has a different wavelength which can be expressed as ratios or numbers. Numerology has been part of developing civilisation since being encoded in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and underpinning the symmetry and accurate measurements of the Pyramids.

This system of Numerology uses nine basic vibrational signatures which convert your name to a series of numbers, which are then calculated to produce a very powerful, single digit – your number!

All things are energy, including numbers:  your name and date of birth hold the numbers that carry your own unique energy pattern. This blueprint enables you to have incredible insight into all areas of your life.

A personal report helps explain your motivation – what makes you act the way you do, the first impression others have of you, where your talents lie, and most importantly what you must do in order to get the most out of your life. At Angelic Energies we go one step further,expanding your report to explain the energy of your home, your interactions with others, and some of your personal relationships.

Your Personal Numerology Report includes 15 sections, with each section explained in detail, covering following:- Life Path Number; Destiny Number; Soul Number; Personality Number; Maturity Number; Birthday Number; Current Name Number; Karmic Lesson Numbers; Personal Year Number; 3 Life Cycle Numbers; 4 Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers; House Number; Relationship Compatibility; Typical Career Choices.

At Angelic Healing we believe in the holistic approach to wellbeing and we constantly strive to provide our clients with that little bit extra. For this reason you will also find an personal astrology section and a personal colour section to assist in your personal journey. Your Personal Numerology Report will be printed out and posted to you in a gift box within two to three weeks of order.

This is a beautiful keepsake you will want to refer back to over the years to come. The ideal special present for someone you love, including yourself!

My Personal Numerology Report arrived last week and I’ve read it through a few times to take all the information in. I must say how much it rings true in so many areas and how I can relate to it. I shall be treasuring this for always and reading it through every so often to connect and be aware of each turning point in my life. Thank you so much, Love and Light.


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