Mary Magdalene 15ml Scented Healing Mist & Booklet


15ml Mary Magdalene Scented Healing Mist & booklet (inc postage to UK)


Introducing the sensational Mary Magdalene Scented healing Mist, designed to cleanse your aura and space, while helping you to become your Angelic embodiment and gain self mastery, opening up to the Divine guidance that flows from your Higher Self.

As you choose Divine love in every moment, you align your intentions in a unified field of daily trust, self-acceptance and self-love. In this moment, you embody your Higher Self as an Angel on Earth.

Infused with luminescent exotic ylang ylang and combined with the tart crisp scent of rhubarb and the dewy floral note of violet. This is galvanised by the powerful thunder of frankincense to create an unforgettable and uninhibited sparkling brilliance. Release Mary Magdalene on the skin and be instantly drawn to an assured aura and self mastery.


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