Angel Card Reading

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Ask me 3 questions and I will email you your answers from your guides.



The Angels hold the space for you to be able to be the best version of you, whole, healed and complete. The cards are a mirror of your soul, a message to you showing you how you can live the life that you love.

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1 review for Angel Card Reading

  1. Sophie Fox

    The answers had always been there, right at the tip of her hand. Cards that were edged in silver like the love of a wedding band.
    The energy rippled through her hands as the light became exposed, the cards and her heart performing a bold dance knowing what secrets were to be told.
    Her energy was compelling a gift from the mighty Source… the Angels were rejoicing and singing as both spirit began to soar.
    The answers had always been there, at her finger tips, so words of love and light and truth slipped sweetly from her lip.
    Thank you

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