Rhodonite & Moonstone Duo



Rhodonite (30-40mm)

Known as “the rescue stone,” it’s one of the most powerful heart chakra stones in the gem world, radiating the highest level of unconditional love. A powerful healing stone for relationships, the Rhodonite crystal encourages clear communication, clearing away old patterns to uncover the true passions of your heart. If you’re in conflict with someone you love, you’ll receive a super-charged bolt of heart energy to dissolve toxic emotions and return to your natural state of bliss.

Moonstone (30-40mm)

Unlock your inner goddess and be reminded of the miracle of life and our vast universe of infinite possibilities. Moonstone is a symbol of fertility and sensuality and it empowers visualisation and the gift of increased intuition. Perfect to use in new moon rituals where you set the next month phase of goals, aspirations and dreams you have for your life. Repeat this ritual on a full moon and experience the full potential of your soul under the glow of the moonlight. This crystal helps you cope with fluctuating moods and the ever-flowing cycles of life, while balancing hormones and providing support during times of hormonal change.


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