One of the greatest illusions of life is that of separation. Becoming spiritually aware is to remember our true identity as limitless light beings of unconditional love, connected to everything and everyone. Navigating our way through the dense physical environment of world can feel awkward and clumsy as we are weighed down by the practical physical reality of life. Our automatic response to this pressure can be one of fear. This occurs as we live by our physical senses, where feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, being afraid and worrying what other people may think of us may arise.

Our brains are actually not designed to help us with this as they are naturally wired to try and protect us from things that are scary, uncomfortable or difficult. We stop to hesitate and in that moment our brains produce all manor or reasons why we can’t achieve something and fear has stopped us in our tracks. In actual fact, we are here to grow and evolve, and in doing so we constantly need to push ourselves past our comfort zones and embrace challenges.

By contrast, in the Heavenly world, there is no ego, no body and nothing to protect. We feel entirely safe and at peace as we experience the merging with others and the feelings of unconditional love.  As limitless beings, our thoughts and feelings create instant reactions. Challenges do not exist.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? How different would life be if you existed and experienced it from a state of love instead of fear? In actual fact the reality is that here on Earth we are safe, guided and protected, in spite of appearances to the contrary. Everything we need is already with us as thought-form that rapidly materialises. The key when we’re unsure is to ask for help and not to allow fear to immobilise us. We are given the act of free will and help can only be given if we ask for it.

The point of life is to love, to be loved and to pursue happiness. When you realise that you are already bathed in the highest frequency of pure unconditional love, you are connected to source energy, you realise that you literally are living in Heaven right now. You don’t need to find love – you are love! The daily dramas that perpetuate the pathway of fear dissolve once you have this understanding. By choosing to live life in highest vibration of love you automatically connect to receive downloads of brilliant ideas and guidance to help in everyday life. Suddenly life begins to flow. In choosing to focus on love you are creating real, meaningful and lasting blessings for yourself and others.

Happiness, peace and fulfilment will seam illusive if you are seeking them in external factors. The reality is that externals are mirages with hollow energy. Nothing external leads to internal happiness. See only love in yourself and others, just as the Angels do and the world will reflect back to you more joy and happiness that you could ever imagine. This focus strengthens you beyond any form of human strength and you heal others with your outlook. Like a warm hug, the higher self pathway of conscious living feels warm and comfortable, as lasting peace, happiness and fulfilment is already with you.

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