“When we accept ourselves and others, when we suspend judgement, stay awake, and keep learning in all the areas we can, we develop the conscious maturity to control the power it takes to advance us to the next level towards the perfection of the universe.

The more we can spend time improving ourselves through meditation, connecting into the infinite power of universal Source energy, the quicker we can raise the vibration of this planet. This book will give you the tools and the insight to do just that. “

Angels can be called upon in times of need.
Many of us believe that we are alone in this world – in our grief, anxiety, depression, and our search for love, happiness and purpose. The truth is we are never alone. We have a whole team of Angels bringing us hope, connection and support, so that we can overcome our daily challenges, step into our power, and shine our brightest light.

Guided by Angels will help support you with practical day-to-day issues and uplift you in times of struggle. Throughout this book, you will discover:
How to improve your intuition, manifest miracles, and attract your life partner.
How to cope with change, build your self-esteem, and handle confrontation.
How to uncover your life purpose, build emotional intelligence, and develop a deeper understanding of others (and yourself) including those on the Autism spectrum.

How to create a deeper connection to your own Divinity and closer connection to your Angels.
And so much more!
The Angels are here to guide you. You do not walk this path alone.


Sophie Fox, PFL Dip, is a Certified Angel Guide, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master, Indian Head Masseuse, Numerologist, creator of Scented Healing Mists, and founder of Angelic Energies. Sophie’s biggest passion is to remind you that you’re not alone – that you have a whole support team around you that want to lift you up and help you live life above and beyond your dreams.

Guided By Angels Oracle Cards


Available November 2020


The Guided By Angels Oracle cards will support your journey of spiritual growth and wellbeing. There are 3 powerful uplifting messages from each of the 16 Archangels mentioned in the book, Guided By Angels – A journey through life with the Archangels, along with 3 loving messages from your Guardian Angels and 3 transformational I amaffirmation cards. This beautiful deck comes with a guidebook that includes suggestions for card spreads, and a detailed description and a prayer or affirmation of each card. 


Oracle Card Deck Price £16.99

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