Dispel all the negativity and stress you feel and transform into a lighter and brighter state with a resounding sense of peace. This is a complete, comprehensive Energy Detoxification, Realignment and Supercharge. The aura is the energy body around you and it acts like a magnet, collecting dense and low frequency energies that you may have picked up through conflict and stressful situations. An aura cleanse eliminates negativity allowing us to rebalance your seven main chakras which are the centres of activity through the body that receive, assimilate and express life force energy. They are responsible for your physical, mental, and spiritual functions. This transformational treatment leads you to experience beautiful Angelic Reiki. This is a hands on healing where Divine Healing Energy is transferred through the practitioner to the recipient. Angelic Reiki aligns you with your higher self and allows the purest Angelic Healing energies to facilitate balance and promote wellbeing.


To end the session, a short Angel Oracle card reading will help clarify a prevalent question to a situation going on in your life. You will also receive tips and guidance for how to maintain your positive energy at home, along with a Reiki charged crystal to keep.

This gentle but powerful natural healing energy is suitable for all, including babies, animals and during pregnancy.

£44 (approx one hour)

Email or message Sophie on 07811 137653 to book now.

I had an angelic reiki session and after being soothed into this intriguing treatment felt lots different colours during the reki. Sophie has a velvet voice, calm and rich and exudes such confidence in her beliefs – it’s enough to make anyone believe in the angels. I have used my Zadkiel spray everyday which reminds me of the treatment and to keep up the good work at home. Thank you for sharing your intriguing spiritual powers.


Sophie visited me this morning – I was apprehensive but open minded as I wasn’t sure what to expect. After changing jobs earlier this year it’s been pretty full on. Whilst brilliant, and I love my job, I knew I was in need of some me time. After a friendly and relaxed “treatment”, and an experience I can only summarise as colourful, warming and healing (which doesn’t do it justice!), I felt rebalanced, energised and truly thankful for what I have. Thank you lovely lady. 


This time yesterday morning I was blessed to receive my first Angelic Energies Ritual from Sophie… it was a truly relaxing and uplifting treatment… my soul was cleansed and my chakras aligned, I certainly felt them being moved around… my first ever reiki session… not knowing what to expect I let Sophie do her thing… still feeling super relaxed this morning… thank you:) x If anyone is feeling out of sorts or out of sync with themselves, I would highly recommend this gentle, non-intrusive experience to all. 


Sophie arrived at my home in the evening like a warm ray of light to give me an Angelic Energies Ritual when I was feeling drawn out and pretty flat! I was very intrigued by the Angel card readings and felt soothed and rejuvenated after my reiki treatment. Sophie has a calm, grounded presence , which helped me relax and enjoy the process. I felt enriched and revived by Sophie’s healing magic, and got some top tips to try straight away. I love having after care tips which creates a well-rounded treatment. Sophie’s Angelic Energies Ritual comes highly recommended.


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