What is Future Life Progression?

This is waking dream therapy that allows you to go forward into your future and tap into the power of your subconscious mind. This enables you to see what you have achieved, find out where you will be and who with in five and ten years. You will also be guided to see your best possible future. This will allow you to feel what it’s like to be “top of your game” so that you become more self-assured and aware of your real capabilities. This valuable information can then be used to accelerate the outcome and reach those goals quicker, as you will know what is useful and what is a waste of time. How would it feel to have all doubt cleared away?

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Goran Eriksson.

Future Life Progression allows you to see into the future. With this information you can resolve your present day problems and dilemmas.

I have helped countless people in all manor of scenarios. There are no limits to how this modality can help you! For example, I connected a wonderful lady to the energy of becoming a mother just before she was about to undergo her last round of IVF. Of course, I could not claim that this technique was going to make the IVF successful, but, firstly I was able to connect her to the embodiment of it being successful, and secondly to the embodiment of her adopting a child – one way of another she WAS going to become a mother. This helped her to relax and not feel the immense stress and pressure of “her last chance” being successful.

Another different example was helping an amazing gentleman have the courage and the confidence to announce to all the people in his world that he was a drag queen. This was something he’d been doing in private circles, but he had been incredibly apprehensive about letting his family and colleagues know. During the session he had a powerful vision of setting up a charity to help others like him have the emotional support they needed to shine in their beautiful authenticity. When he embodied the energy of ‘Dina” his whole body felt electrified and his aura quite literally sparkled. It was incredible to witness!

One outstanding lady came for a session to connect to her soul in the in-between life and discover her purpose in this lifetime, as well as connect herself to her best possible future. She was now at the stage where she had retired, her husband had passed away, and her children had grown up and moved away. All her life she had made work her main focus and had eventually successfully built up her own company from nothing. Connecting her to her beloved Guides and Angels gave her the sense of peace and unconditional love that she needed, and she could see that there was still many more amazing adventures ahead of her!

I’ve had a lot of clients lately telling me they are not enjoying their work. They are unfulfilled and cannot see a better future. A good few were in a toxic and bullying environment. That has become far more common. Others are concerned their company could fail. Or their job become obsolete. Taking them to find their most fulfilled and successful future has completely shifted them in just one session. The change in them is profound. They connect to their future success and gain focus on where they are heading.

Every single person had always come away from these one-off sessions feeling completely uplifted and full of hope and clarity for the future. It’s truly miraculous to witness. I also do a full write-up afterwards to remind them of their revelations. This is a one-off session, but i also offer this as part of a 3 session experience to give you a total energy reset – Please see my Life Empowerment Activation for more details.

What can I expect from Future Life Progression?

Sessions are held on-line via Zoom (which is like Skype, but better) and last around 90 minutes. Future Life Progression is completely safe. It is a very simple process where you will be put into a relaxed state with plenty of protection of white light. You can expect to feel in a comfortable and relaxed state, similar to when you are engrossed in a good movie or daydreaming. You will not see anything bad unless it is something that you can change. You can even look at alternative futures with Future Life Progression, enabling you to find out which works out the best.

Once you have moved beyond your current problem to a better place, it’s quite hard for the negative feelings to come back. Once you have felt your current self moved on to glimpse a better future, you are tapping into the positive energy of the universe that will speed up events, coincidences or synchronicity, to make this happen.

You may:-

  • Meet your soul mate and find lasting love
  • Choose the best career for you
  • Reveal your soul’s true purpose
  • Clear your past and connect with a more positive future.
  • Discover future trends in business and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Release all fear holding you back from living your ideal life.

Imagine seeing who is in your life, where you work and live. What would it be like to see which decisions work in your favour? Future Life Progression uses a powerful visualisation technique that will change you life.

You will connect to your soul and realise just how wonderful you are as you find your own true essence, you soul’s purpose. As you travel into the future with Future Life Progression, you will find answers to many of the vital questions you have right now.

At the end of a Future Life Progression, you’re given time to talk about your experience. There is a 100% money back guarantee should you not feel informed and empowered after the session.

To take part in a session, you will need to go on and visit the App store on your phone or computer and download the free Zoom app.
When you select a booking you will be asked for your email to be able to connect with the session.

Some of the many benefits

  • Have confidence to take the next step
  • Stop feeling frustrated that life isn’t turning out as you’d hoped
  • Know for sure what the best action to is to take now
  • See your best creative work, be inspired and own that
  • Know who is the right person to hire
  • Know where to invest and when
  • Increased clarity
  • Find lasting love

Future Life Progression
£111 (approx 90 mins with written report provided afterwards)
Email SophieFoxHealing.co.uk or message Sophie on 07811 137653 to book now

I’ve been feeling trapped in a job that I don’t enjoy for years and I couldn’t see a way out. Responsibilities have meant that I felt I had no option but to stay put. Future Life Progression has helped me see how other options would work out and it has given me the confidence I need to take the next steps towards a more fulfilling life.

Things have not been working out for me for quite some time now & I have felt like Ive been on a downward spiral. Ive tried following my passion but nothing has gone right for me. After having a Future Life Progression I was guided towards seeing a brighter future. Now I know exactly what changes I need to make and Im excited about what can happen next! 


As a single mum trying to return to work, my confidence was at an all time low. I couldnt see how I was going to be able to make everything fit or where I would be able to start. Sophie put me a total ease and the Future Life Progression session felt really empowering. Its such a relief to know that everything is going to work out just fine.


I came into some money and I wasnt sure how to invest it. Ive been looking at stocks and shares, considering property abroad and in this country. I didnt want to take any chances that things wouldnt work out for me in the future, so I did a Future Life Progression to see what direction to take. I now sleep much better at night knowing that my money is safe and secure and I look forward to a flourishing future!


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