What is an Angel Guide Session?

Here you be left feeling empowered and supported by your team of spiritual helpers, while you gain valuable personal insight, wisdom and healing. You’ll receive messages and guidance with the Angel cards, as well as healing and beautiful guided meditations. Allow the Angels to transport you to a wonderful world.

Sophie is certified using Kyle Gray’s Angel Guide process which not only provides you with information, but healing as well. Each session is around 90 minutes and is conducted on-line through Zoom (like Skype, but better).


Some of the many benefits

  • Develop a deeper connection with your Angels
  • Achieve spiritual peace
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Feel empowered
  • Remove energy blocks
  • Develop spiritual practice
  • Receive healing
  • Gain insight into your current situation
  • Guidance towards improving your happiness

What can I expect from an Angel Guide Session?

Expect to be seen heard, validated and supported. This is a safe space for you to connect and receive the guidance from the Angels.

Connect with the Angel or Angels that are working with you in this moment.

Discover more about love, career, finances, higher purpose, relationships, health and wellbeing, spiritual journey and more!
Receive healing around issues or blockages that may be preventing you from moving toward life fulfilment.

Get help with your own capacity to connect more clearly and establish your own relationship with your Angels.

Sophie’s biggest passion is to remind you of the amazing support team you have around you at all times. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a loving power that has your highest and best in mind while able to know the bigger picture of all your experiences.


An Angel Guide Session will bring you clarity, comfort and healing. Sophie feels so strongly about the quality of information that clients receive, that if you don’t feel satisfied during your first session, she will gladly refund your money.

At the end of an Angel Guide Session, you’re given time to talk about your experience. Sophie will give you guidance about what to expect for the next few days as you process the release of energy. You will also be given some recommendation to continue your healing at home.

Drink plenty of extra water to help you continue the process.

To take part in a session, you will need to go on and visit the App store on your phone or computer and download the free Zoom app.

When you select a booking you will be asked for your email to be able to connect with the session.

Some of the Benefits of an Angel Guide Session

  • A deeper connection with your Angels
  • Achieve spiritual peace
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Feel empowered
  • Developed spiritual practice
  • Receive healing
  • Gain insight into current situation
  • Guidance towards improving your
  • happiness
  • Improved relationships
  • Reduced stress
  • The ability to leave the past in the past

Angel Guide Session
£111 (approx 90 mins)
Email or message Sophie on 07811 137653 to book now

Sophie bought me the comfort and guidance I needed while I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Having recently lost my husband I’ve been feeling very low and afraid of what the future has in store for me. Sophie and the Angels assured me that my husband is still with me and I now feel able to take one day at a time to build a new future.

I did an Angel Guide Session with Sophie today - I felt apprehensive but openminded as I wasn’t sure what to expect. After changing jobs earlier this year it’s been pretty full on. Whilst I love my job I felt the need for some extra support. Sophie was friendly and relaxed and helped me put everything into perspective. I feel so much more confident now I know I have the support of the Angels with me. 


Thank you Sophie for the reassurance you bought through from the Angels. You were spot on with everything that is happening at the moment and I know that everything is going to work out ok with all the techniques you’ve given me to practice. 


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