I’ve been feeling trapped in a job that I don’t enjoy for years and I couldn’t see a way out. My responsibilities meant that I felt I had no option but to stay put. The Future Life Progression with Sophie helped me see how other options would work out . I feel I’ve got the confidence to take the next steps towards a more fulfilling life now.


I was needing a turbo boost in uplifting my creative energy as well as speaking up about my creative ideas at work, and the Archangel Gabriel spray worked straight away like magic! The smell is divine and the affirmations helped me bring my ideas to life. Highly recommended to lift your creative energy and communication power. Sophie’s instructions and the affirmations help you make the most of these mists. This works wonders!


Sophie is such a beautiful lady. She has such a lovely,caring energy. I purchased the set of angelic energy sprays from her stall at Elsecar MBS event and they are truly divine to use. They envelop you with the most gorgeous are and energy. Than you so much


Enrolling onto the Becoming Empowered course has helped me really come along a long way. I feel like I can trust myself now and I know that I am more than capable. My perspective has really shifted! Now I feel really connected to my Guides and Angels.


Thanks for an amazing Angel Guide Session! I feel so much more confident now to be able to get myself in a good place with all the advice on creating a daily spiritual practice. The messages with the cards were so reassuring and the guided meditations left me feeling much calmer and realigned. It was a beautiful experience!


Things have not been working out for me for quite some time now & I have felt like Ive been on a downward spiral. Ive tried following my passion but nothing has gone right for me. After having a Future Life Progression I was guided towards seeing a brighter future. Now I know exactly what changes I need to make and Im excited about what can happen next! 


I got some Jophiel aura spray at the Roots of Life event in Barrow. It’s such a beautiful item which has allowed me to connect with my angelic guides daily. I love the smell and I have smelt it on days I have worn it at the exactly the right time to lead me in the exact right direction, helping me to listen to my intuition. Thank you for making such beautiful products.


I adore working with the Guided By Angels oracle cards. They’re always a spot on reflection of what I’m going through and the advice is so helpful and uplifting! 


The Life Empowerment Activation helped me release a lot of anxiety and break through from experiencing a string of troubled relationships. I no longer carry the trauma I experienced as a child and I have the enthusiasm to embody the energy that I need to make my best life vision a reality. I can not emphasise enough how powerful these sessions are! Finally I feel like the me I have always wanted. 


Thank you Sophie for personal card reading. Would thoroughly recommend. The reading was very accurate.


I really enjoyed meeting you at the last Gathering and your mediations were superb. I’ve been following you on Facebook and reading your book. Can’t wait for the next Gathering! X


As a single mum trying to return to work, my confidence was at an all time low. I couldnt see how I was going to be able to make everything fit or where I would be able to start. Sophie put me a total ease and the Future Life Progression session felt really empowering. Its such a relief to know that everything is going to work out just fine.


I attended one of Sophie’s monthly Angelic Energies Gatherings at the Holistic Hangout in West Vale, and it was awesome. From the word go the room was filled with some wonderful energy. We were later presented with a opportunity of choosing and Angel card. I was presented with a card that matched perfectly with what was going on in my life. The meditations were absolutely beautiful and I left feeling totally rebalanced and energised! 


Archangel Michael healing mist is a beautiful fragrance and that would be almost enough for me – but i am so inspired by the protection it gives my family and my home, now I can’t live without it! I am really grateful to Angelic Energies for these wonderful products – we all need help in our lives and this is a beautiful way to ask for it.


I really look forward to the monthly Angelic Energies Gatherings. It’s so good to be able to connect with like-minded people and just know that they’re going to get you. I can just relax and be myself. I always come away feeling so much happier and more relaxed. 


You book is so thought provoking and comforting and I am going to try and follow a more spiritual path and ask the Angels for guidance and remember to thank them.


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