£45 (approx one hour, includes 4 selenite crystals).

Space clearing your home is similar to doing a very thorough spring clean. Afterwards your home is left feeling clear, vibrant and energised. It is highly recommended that this is done when moving into a new home in order to disperse the energy of the previous owner and allow for a fresh new start. Space clearing is about clearing stuck energy and raising the level of vibration in a place. It is not “good” energy or “bad” energy, just as dust and cobwebs are not good or bad – but they are undesirable if you want your home to be fresh and clean. Space clearing addresses the problem of invisible pyschic “gunge”. It is just static energy that needs to be dispersed and set in motion again. Space clearing clears out the heavier levels of vibrations which unhappy memories are attached to, leaving the higher levels intact. Actually, it enhances the higher levels even more because the lower levels are not weighing them down.

Space clearing works with focused attention. It requires connecting to the energy of the home. Starting at the front door, go around the entire perimeter of the space. dispersing stuck energy by clapping or using Tibetan chimes in all the corners. Then, for a second time use a bell or singing bowl to produce a sacred circle of sound. The shields of the house can be renewed by placing selenite in the four corners of the home as the whole space is visualised to be filled with vibrant energy.

Over time the effects of space clearing will diminish as stuck energy starts to accumulate again, but some houses and people build up stuck energy quicker than others. This depends on the Feng Shui of your home (the way the energy moves around it), what is happening in your life, what kind of person you are, and so on. To maintain a high quality atmosphere in your home, space clearing once or twice a year is recommended.

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