Life Empowerment Activation

Are You Ready For Total Transformation?!

Do you feel stuck right now, knowing that there is a better life out there for you, but not sure how to make that happen? Did you know that 95% of our behaviours are not conscious. This brand new ground-breaking technique will not only delve into your deepest unconscious mind to rewrite your unconscious patterns of behaviour, but also connect you energetically to your best possible future! 

What is Life Empowerment Activation?

A three session process of transformational healing bringing you a profound sense of peace and wholeness. Gain control and confidence to awaken the real you. Live life on your own terms, free from the subconscious patterns that have up until now been running the show! Release the baggage of painful emotions that you have carried for so long. Move on to connect to your best possible future and embody the energy you need to stop you feeling stuck in the present moment. Finish by feeling filled with the enthusiasm and excitement that life has in store for you.

Stage 1. Understand that you did not come into this life as a blank slate. There are things that you have experienced in a past life that are still effecting you. In this first session, you will be guided to travel back to a past life to clear the karma of what is effecting you in this life. An absolutely fascinating experience that will enrich your soul as you get to understand yourself at a much deeper level. 

Stage 2. We all have things that have affected us growing up. In this second session, you will be gently guided to clear the wounding that you experienced in childhood which will enable you to reset your health and behaviour patterns. Please be reassured that this will not mean re-living any painful experiences. You will remain in a comfortable and relaxed state throughout thus session and healing and unconditional love will be bought through for your transformation.

Stage 3. Now that the clearing work has been done, you are now ready to move forward in this life and connect to your best possible future! This is an incredibly exciting and uplifting experience, leaving you bursting with the enthusiasm of what the future has in store for you. You will come out of this feeling totally uplifted and energised! 

Here’s what people are saying about a Life Activation personal 1:1 session

“As a child I experienced trauma which led me to have eating disorders in adolescence. I was drawn to the session because I’d been feeling a lot of anxiety and I’ve been having a string of troubled relationships. The session was incredibly powerful for me as it helped me understand why I had been attracting the wrong partners through issues of not been able to save people in a past lifetime. Now that I have processed my childhood trauma in a different way, I no longer carry the trauma I experienced. The fact that I have been able to connect to my best possible future has given me the hope and the enthusiasm to embody the energy I need to make that a reality. I can not emphasise enough how powerful this session was! Finally I feel like the me I have always wanted.” – Kat

What can I expect from experiencing a Life Empowerment Activation?

Gain power, control  and confidence to awaken the real you, as your Divine Self.

Understand how experiences in a past life have affected you.

Release irrational fears and phobias.

You will experience a profound sense of peace and wholeness.

Your subconscious patterns will no longer run the show.

Release fear of death.

Have revealed the meaning and purpose of life.

Stop feeling stuck in this present moment.

Be filled with the enthusiasm and excitement for life.

Develop latent talents and unlock personal potentials.

Life Empowerment Activation
£222 (each session lasts approx. 1hr / 90mins.  There are 3 sessions)

Sessions can be held from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Please just ensure that you are in a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed for the duration.

It is also possible to do sessions face to face at The KickStart Wellness Hub, 68a Rochdale Road, Greetland, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX4 9EH. 

Email or message Sophie on 07811 137653 to book now.

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