When the outside world doesn’t feel right

It’s time for you to change

The thing is, if that whispered to you – you know that you need to take charge. Once and for all. But the good news is, things are going to be easier than you think!

Have you reached a stage where you’re ready to embody the REAL you? Not the one you were told to be, or should be… not the one overwhelmed by life. Allowing your beautiful soul to show up fully, unapologetic, unafraid, and ready to shine! It’s always been Sophie’s biggest passion to remind you that you’re not on your own – in every moment you have a team of Angels and Guides just waiting to support you. Over the 6 amazing weeks that you will spend with her, she will take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery where you will be shown how to make a deeper connection with your Spirit team and be given easy tools to make instant shifts in how you feel and respond to life situations. Plus there’s something so magical when we all get together to lift each other up and support each other. This is a group that you will have lifetime access to.

Part One of the Becoming Series,  healer and author of “Guided By Angels, A Journey through Life with the Archangels”, the much loved Sophie Fox,  brings you a NEW 6 week on-line, interactive  and thought provoking course that will move you from confused to resolute. Depressed to free living. Anxious to in control.

This is your healing route map, your guide to living life as your best authentic expression – fulfilling your soul’s purpose!

* Instantly receive the essential kit box of easy, practical routines and rituals.

* Adopt life-long simple and effective “spiritual spells” to summon, permanently connect with and deploy your Angelic team.

* Release any unhelpful perceptions of the past.

* Enjoy powerful healing and instantly uplifting and transformative mediations.

* Be guided step by step each week with live Zoom calls and feel the connection of others along your journey.

What changes can you expect instantly and over 6 weeks

By following the exercises you’ll gain a deeper sense of self awareness and enjoy a feeling of profound trust in the universe that actually everything is working out perfectly for you! You’ll learn to relax and step back from what once triggered you and handle things in a totally different way. Life will become more magical, more enjoyable, more exciting, as you find new ways to show up and enjoy your daily spiritual practice. 

How the on-line interactive course works

Over the entirety of the course, you will receive a powerful email each week with the course content of the most recent module. Sometimes it’s easier to listen again and again rather than read, that’s why everything has been audio recorded. You will also receive powerful transformational meditations that should become part of your daily spiritual practise. Enjoy 6 live Zoom calls to give you maximum impact of transformation along your journey.

Recent feedback…

“I feel like I’ve come a long way actually. All the the self love that we’ve been doing and learning to put myself first, and also reflecting on what has been restricting me, which I actually found was my own pain, has helped me to view things that were hurting me in a different way. I can’t change what my Ex has done or what he’s doing, but I can change how I respond to it, and how I respond to myself and how I take care of me. Focusing on that has helped me not be angry anymore and I’m amazed and really pleased about that! Having that anger was massively blocking me, and sitting with that pain wasn’t very nice at all, but it passed through me quicker than I thought it would. I realised that I wasn’t properly grounded – I wasn’t in my body because I didn’t like how I felt. Now I realise that I am my own safety and I am safe within me. My perspective has really shifted and I’ve realised that pain isn’t me. I feel like I can trust myself and I know that I am more than capable. Now I feel really connected to my Guides and Angels.” – Tina

– not bad from someone that score themselves at 5 out of 10 for feeling empowered at the start of the course! She now rates herself as 11 out of 10!

What people are saying…

I would highly recommend this course and I would share the benefits that I have gained with grounding and forming habits and that I believe the angels really do help us. The course takes you on a gentle journey of learning to trust, believe and tune into your angels. It also takes you on a journey to learn a lot more about yourself and uncover some challenging thoughts that might be holding you back. It allows you to connect with other, like-minded, people and enjoy regular connections with those people to share experiences and growth throughout the course as well as sharing lovely meditations, delivered by Sophie.  – Paula

This is you mastering your emotional wellbeing!

What’s included : 6 recorded audio sessions plus written notes emailed out, 9 hours of live guidance and healing with Sophie via the group Zoom, which will be recorded for you to watch again, plus 5 recorded energy alignment and Angel connection meditations.

Join us all on the private Facebook group exclusively for members of the Becoming series.

Sign Up Now! Course starts Monday October 2nd, with the 1st live Zoom on Tuesday 3rd May at 7.30pm. (A recording will be available the next day). 

Sign up with £111 now and pay £111 over 2 more subsequent months. (£333 in total over 3 months).

Get in touch at any time for an UPGRADE to receive all of the above PLUS all the extras below, for and extra £111. (£444 spread over 4 months).

UPGRADE INCLUDES a signed copy of my book, “Guided By Angels, A Journey Through Life with the Archangels”, worth £18, a deck of Guided By Angels oracle cards, worth £20, a Becoming Empowered personal journal notebook worth £15,  PLUS the heavenly Archangel Metatron Scented Healing mist for clearing your energy field and raising your vibration, priced at £33…

And if that was not enough… A FREE 1:1 Session with Sophie, worth £111!

That’s a total saving of £197!  (with postage included for UK residents).  

Your 1:1 session is the 1st part of the Life Empowerment Activation, to visit a past life to uncover anything that is effecting you in this life and clear that from your karmic record. Typically a Life Empowerment Activation also includes overcoming any childhood trauma, and connecting you to your best possible future in this life. Quite simply, we re-write your life to activate you to live the life of your dreams. Who would you be if you could strip away everything that was holding you back? I would love to help you step into that amazing version of you. X

Need more information?

Visit  to understand how it works and feel free to message with any questions to


Here’s what people are saying about a personal 1:1 session.

“As a child I experienced trauma which led me to have eating disorders in adolescence. I was drawn to the session because I’d been feeling a lot of anxiety and I’ve been having a string of troubled relationships. The session was incredibly powerful for me as it helped me understand why I had been attracting the wrong partners through issues of not been able to save people in a past lifetime. Now that I have processed my childhood trauma in a different way, I no longer carry the trauma I experienced. The fact that I have been able to connect to my best possible future has given me the hope and the enthusiasm to embody the energy I need to make that a reality. I can not emphasise enough how powerful this session was! Finally I feel like the me I have always wanted.” – Kat

All this on top of the amazing tools and tips to get in the BECOMING EMPOWERED course!


* Be taken on a journey of self-discovery to awaken you to how you can help yourself to gain mastery over you mind. body and spirit.

* Learn how to put powerful daily practices to use to keep you in alignment.

* Develop a deep appreciation for the power of your own energy and also the incredible spiritual support that surrounds you.

* Be able to balance and harmonise your own energy and shift into an empowered state.

* Release fears, worries, limiting self-beliefs and stop negative self talk.

* Learn to cultivate inner peace to help you respond to life rather than react to it.

* Feel safe, secure and protected.

* Bring the Divine presence into your everyday and prepare yourself for living a magical life.

* Join the support of like-minded people to assist you in truly Becoming Empowered.

This is your chance to connect in with yourself at the deepest level and make the life-changing transformations that will set your soul free. Are you ready to Become Empowered?

This is a 6 week on-line course. Please make sure you are familiar with Zoom to receive the recordings.


***  NEXT ENROLMENT FOR 2023 – Start date October 2nd. LIVE ZOOMS will be on Thursdays from 7.30pm – 9pm each week for the 6 weeks. These will be recorded. 

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Secure your place & sign up NOW with £111.

Becoming Empowered 6 Week On-Line Course

Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied within 14 days.

For more information, Contact:-

M: 07811 137653 – Sophie Fox

E: – Sophie Fox

Look out for the Becoming Empowered afternoon workshop!

Have fun and discover the REAL you! 

This incredible interactive workshop will bring you hands on appreciation for the power of your energy and intention. You’ll break free of self imposed constraints as you practise asking for what you want in life, without being afraid to hear the word NO! Get ready to surprise yourself as you release what no longer serves you! If you’d like Sophie to bring this life changing workshop to a studio near you, do drop her a line and see what’s possible. X

Sophie Fox 07811 137653

Let your Angels lead you to a more magical life.

Learn to develop a deeper connection with your Guides and Angels to begin your journey…

Sophie Fox, author of “Guided By Angels, A Journey through Life with the Archangels” and renowned psychic medium and healer, Jan Costello, have teamed up to bring you a NEW on-line, interactive course to strengthen your connection to your Guides and Angels.



Take this chance to transform your life through strengthening your intuition and deepening your connection to the Divine.

Grow in confidence knowing that you are powerfully supported in every step of the journey.

Allowing yourself to be guided brings deep joy and peace, releasing the stress involved in trying so hard to achieve things on your own, and pushing to make things happen.

This course teaches you step by step how to connect with your Guides, how to tune in to your intuitive powers, and how to lead the magical life you deserve.

Find out more soon.

Sophie Fox looks forward to welcoming you and guiding you towards “Becoming Magical.”

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