What is Life Empowerment Activation?

This is a series of three session of transformational healing to access your subconscious mind and higher self to make permanent wanted changes.

Stage 1. Time travelling back to a past life to clear the karma of what is effecting you in this life. 

Stage 2. Clear the wounding that you experienced in childhood to reset your health and behaviour patterns.

Stage 3. Move forward in this life and connect to your best possible future. 

What can I expect from experiencing a Life Empowerment Activation?

Gain power, control  and confidence to awaken the real you, as your Divine Self.

Understand how experiences in a past life have affected you.

Release irrational fears and phobias.

You will experience a profound sense of peace and wholeness.

Your subconscious patterns will no longer run the show.

Release fear of death.

Have revealed the meaning and purpose of life.

Stop feeling stuck in this present moment.

Be filled with the enthusiasm and excitement for life.

Develop latent talents and unlock personal potentials.

How does a Life Empowerment Activation work?

This can be done either from the comfort of your own home on-line via Zoom, or in person, at the KickStart Wellness Hub in Greetland, Halifax HX4 8HE. Each session can last anywhere from 60mins to 90mins. If the session is done remotely, you will need to ensure that you are in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

Sophie will become your guide as you enjoy a peaceful state of relaxation. At no point will you feel any distress – this is not about re-living any painful memories. Healing and resolution will be bought through, allowing you to release the pain that has been effecting you. You will be given access to your higher state of being to bring you into alignment. You may find that your nights sleep afterwards is quite intense as your mind reorganises itself to adjust to its new paradigm. These sessions are designed to have a life transforming impact.

Here’s what people are saying about a Life Activation personal 1:1 session

“As a child I experienced trauma which led me to have eating disorders in adolescence. I was drawn to the session because I’d been feeling a lot of anxiety and I’ve been having a string of troubled relationships. The session was incredibly powerful for me as it helped me understand why I had been attracting the wrong partners through issues of not been able to save people in a past lifetime. Now that I have processed my childhood trauma in a different way, I no longer carry the trauma I experienced. The fact that I have been able to connect to my best possible future has given me the hope and the enthusiasm to embody the energy I need to make that a reality. I can not emphasise enough how powerful this session was! Finally I feel like the me I have always wanted.” – Kat

Step into the new unstoppable you!

Contact Sophie now for a free consultation to discuss how she can help you.

Sophie Fox

M: 07811 137653

E: sophiefoxhealing@yahoo.com

Visit www.AngelicEnergies.co.uk to find out more.

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