Full 7 Day Range of 10ml Scented Healing Mists & Booklet


Raise your confidence, attract new friendships / Find an important part of your life such as your life purpose, a love relationship, new job, supportive friendships and solutions to problems. 

*Choose Archangel Chamuel, Monday’s Angel.*

This exotic, alluring mist has spiced notes of cardamom and cinnamon, followed by the softness of enticing rose.

Find inner strength, feelings of courage and motivation / Step out of fear and feel a sense of protection / Get help with life changes and life purpose /  Have confidence, and build self-esteem. 

*Choose Archangel Michael, Tuesday’s Angel.*

A blend of the ancient traditional sacred oils of frankincense and myrrh, along with incense woods makes this a powerful and robust mist.

Rejuvenate all aspects of health / Get support in kicking addictions and cravings / Cleansing your healing practice / Going travelling and wanting to ensure a safe and harmonious journey.

*Choose Archangel Raphael, Wednesday’s Angel.*

This is a reviving and comforting mist that blends lavender and bergamot with aromatic myrrh and cedar wood.

Increase your confidence in your own intelligence and wisdom / Get help to spark new ideas and find better solutions / Problem solving and brainstorming / Facilitate important conversations / Developing psychic powers and intuitive skills. 

*Choose Archangel Uriel, Thursday’s Angel.*

This is a stimulating and energising blend of peppermint, ginger, zest grapefruit and aromatic cardamom with a touch of sweetness from vanilla.

Support in all communication, from public speaking to writing / Help to be the best parent / Inspiration in creative ideas / Assistance with “newborn” creative projects. 

*Choose Archangel Gabriel, Friday’s Angel*

This is a delicious aroma that combines vetiver, sage, and uplifting grapefruit with comforting lavender and supportive cardamom.

Remembering facts and figures for a test / Improved memory /Transforming low mood negative thoughts and feelings / Emotional healing / Let go of harsh self-judgement and be cleansed from limiting thoughts / Violet Flame protection.

*Choose Archangel Zadkiel, Saturday’s Angel.*

This etherial and energising scent is a well crafted blend of violet and lavender with the zest of grapefruit and the spice of ginger and cardamom.

Boost your self-esteem and live a happier life / Feel optimistic about the future / Make you and your surroundings feel beautiful and be filled with a sense of enchantment and joy.

*Choose Archangel Jophiel, Sunday’s Angel.*

This delicious uplifting and romantic aroma combines the natural sweetness of juicy orange with sensuous ylang ylang and patchouli and floral rose.

All Angelic Energies scented healing mists are made with 100% Natural Organic Aromatherapy blessed with Angelic Reiki. Made with love in the UK. These healing mists are perfect for Aura Cleansing, Space Clearing and Connecting to the Divine.

Bottle Size 10ml


*Angelic Energies is born from a passion to enable you to connect to your power, to live a life in certainty and to feel safe, protected and supported at all times.

*Imagine  what life would be like to be filled with an inner confidence, wonder and excitement. Life is suddenly full of possibility as we open ourselves up to celestial guidance.

*The Angels can give us the courage and support to follow our dreams, to face our fears and to every day move forward. Be fully empowered to live a life full of confidence, excitement, wonder and love.

*An exclusive range of scented healing mists, one for each day of the week, these beautifully crafted scented healing mists are charged with Angelic Reiki to help you raise your vibration, cleanse your aura or space, while connecting to the Divine.

*They can be used as a daily ritual, following a different Archangel for each day of the week, or you may prefer to focus on specific attributes for support.


Each mist is blessed and charged with Angelic Reiki. Includes a booklet that highlights the specific help that each Archangel in the range can give, and a selection of affirmations. 

Gain access to an online support network available through our on-line social forums where you are welcome to join the Angelic Energies community and share your transformational stories.

Legal Disclamer

These products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease or medical conditions. If you suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your appropriate health care provider.


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