These are challenging times we’re going through. I always like to give you an opportunity to think about life from a different perspective. Take a moment to see if this resonates with you…

We give our power away when we allow others to make choices for us. But choice is your power. It’s a huge way that your energy shows up in this world, through choice.

When you allow other’s choices to dictate your path, you are often left feeling exhausted, depleted, diminished, disrespected, and taken for granted.

This behaviour and pattern actually all stems from having poor self concept.

So you think someone outside of you knows better, which creates this urge to get external validation, which continues this cycle.

The best thing you can do is catch this cycle when it’s happening and begin to ask a different question within of what YOU feel or think instead of others. This will help you come back to you and start making choices from your heart, instead of just following OUTSIDE opinions.

So stop looking for external validation, don’t ask for opinions or permission and be your authentic self.

Catch yourself, and instead of asking –

“What should I wear tonight?”

Ask –  “What do I need to wear tonight?”

Change – “Do you think I said the right thing?”

To – “What’s the truth I need to really express right now?”

Shift – “What should I do to fix this?”

To – “What are three choices I can make to best respond to this situation?”

Be mindful of how you show up in this world and make a point of following your heart and stepping into your truth.

Following on from that, here’s a guide to personal freedom with a list of things that you can control

How personally you take things

Your effort

What you believe

Your priorities

How kind you are

How open minded you are

What you eat

What you talk about

What you think about

Your happiness

How seriously you take life

Who you hang out with

When you find yourself focusing on the uncontrollable, ask yourself – Is this my responsibility? You can only be accountable for what you can control. Other people have their own path to follow, so respect that. We’re all here to learn and grow – some more painfully than others, but in the grand perspective, it’s important to trust that everything is perfect by design.

July is an exciting month with two HUGE shows in Liverpool and Leeds to look forward to, as well as the in-person events happening in Halifax. I’ve also included details of the famous Elsecar show at the beginning of August. I hope you’ll join me.

3rd July – Both 1pm & 7.30pm – THE GATHERING – Connect, Chat, Guided Mediation, Oracle Cards. Hot drink provided. Greetland Wellness Hub, 68A Rochdale Road, Halifax HX4 8HE – £10

6th & 7th July – Liverpool White Lights Mind Body Spirit Show, Liverpool Racecourse Omskirk Road L9 5AS

17th July 7.30pm – IMPROVE YOUR INTUITION – Fun ways to strengthen your connection to the guidance of your Higher Self. Hot drink provided. Greetland Wellness Hub, 68A Rochdale Road, Halifax HX4 8HE – £15

20th & 21st July – Pudsey Health & Healing Show, Pudsey Civic Hall, LS28 5TA

3rd & 4th August – Elsecar Mind Body Spirit Show, Barnsley, S74 8HJ

Just an important note to make about the IMPROVE YOUR INTUITION night – This month I’ll be starting to teach you the tarot. I’m actually in the process of ensuring I can turn any person into an expert tarot reader – more will be revealed soon! Apologies in advance, but I’ll be taking a family holiday in August, so there will be no Intuition night that month.

Sending you so many blessings!


Message from the Guided By Angels Oracle

Archangel Chamuel – Step Into Your Own Power

You are perfect just as you are. Other people will be drawn to you by you just having an authentic conviction. Take the time to get to know and appreciate yourself better. Know and appreciate your strengths and let the passion you have shine. Get clear on your likes and dislikes and reassess your values and beliefs. Once you are aligned with what really matters to you, be unapologetic for the world to see. Boldly step into your own authenticity. Now is your time to sparkle!


Thank you Archangel Chamuel for helping to raise my confidence and recognise my own power.

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