Full Set of Angels of The 6 Directions (6 x 10ml + Booklet)


Angels of the 6 Directions – Archangel Raphael to the East, Archangel Michael to the South, Archangel Gabriel to the West, Archangel Uriel to the North, Archangel Metatron above & Archangel Sandalphon to connect to Mother Earth. Comes with a beautiful booklet to help you create your sacred space.



By calling on the Angels and their specific healing energy through the power of prayer, you can set yourself up for a positive day full of love.

Raphael is a reviving and comforting mist which blends lavender and bergamot with aromatic myrrh and cedar wood.

Michael is a blend of the ancient traditional sacred oils of frankincense and myrrh, along with incense wood.

Gabriel is a delicious aroma that combines vetiver, sage, and uplifting grapefruit with comforting lavender and supportive cardamon.

Uriel is a stimulating and energising bled that comprises of peppermint, ginger, zesty grapefruit and aromatic cardamom.

Metatron is encapsulated with an ivy accord, with green fresh woody notes and the added herbal note of lavender. Softened with musky floral rose and the elegant citrus of bergamot.

Sandalphon is a beguiling orchestration of wooded notes paired with herbs and lavender, a warm green scent of geranium, dark earthy patchouli, finished with a warm, sweet spicy touch of cinnamon.


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