Personal Numerology Report


“My Numerology Report arrived last week and I’ve read through it a few times to take all the information in. I must say how much it rings true in so many areas and how I can relate to it.

I shall be treasuring this for always and reading through every so often to connect and be aware of each turning point in my life.

Thank you so much, Love and Light Carol.”


Personal Report Posted with Gift Box

Your Personal Numerology Report includes 15 sections, with each section explained in detail, covering following:- Life Path Number; Destiny Number; Soul Number; Personality Number; Maturity Number; Birthday Number; Current Name Number; Karmic Lesson Numbers; Personal Year Number; 3 Life Cycle Numbers; 4 Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers; House Number; Relationship Compatibility; Typical Career Choices.

At Angelic Healing we believe in the holistic approach to wellbeing and we constantly strive to provide our clients with that little bit extra. For this reason you will also find an personal astrology section and a personal colour section to assist in your personal journey. Your Personal Numerology Report will be printed out and posted to you within two to three weeks of order.

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