Full Set of Female Ascended Master Mists (7 x 10ml + Booklet)




10ml Goddess Isis Scented Healing Mist

Sublime rose and blue lotus flower, combined with crisp sweet apple & cherry heliotrope. Charged with Angelic Reiki & attuned to Goddess Isis. This mist is designed to cleanse your aura and space, while assisting you in embodying your personal power and fulfil your true potential to be all that you came here to be. 

10ml Goddess Hathor Scented Healing Mist

Rich sensual blackcurrant with the magical tranquil power of aromatic lender and a hint of velvet rose. This mist is designed to cleanse your aura and space, while instilling an essence of calm & uplifted spirit  to encourage mindful words & thoughtful speech. Open yourself up to choose words that invoke your unlimited potential.

10ml Mary Magdalene Scented healing Mist

Designed to cleanse your aura and space, while helping you to become your Angelic embodiment and gain self mastery, opening up to the Divine guidance that flows from your Higher Self. As you choose Divine love in every moment, you align your intentions in a unified field of daily trust, self-acceptance and self-love. In this moment, you embody your Higher Self as an Angel on Earth.

Infused with luminescent exotic ylang ylang and combined with the tart crisp scent of rhubarb and the dewy floral note of violet.  This is galvanised by the powerful thunder of frankincense to create an unforgettable and uninhibited sparkling brilliance. Release Mary Magdalene on the skin and be instantly drawn to an assured aura and self mastery.

10ml Green Tara Scented Healing Mist 

Introducing the strengthening blend of Green Tara, designed to cleanse your aura and space, while helping you to recognise the innocence and light within you, allowing you to release all suffering. Here the cool green notes of ivy, cypress and cedar offer a slightly spicy aspect and a refreshing twist of woodland vetiver. Strengthened with a hint of the intoxicating and sincere patchouli, and elevated with the uplifting and sensual scent of mandarin. Long lasting and luxurious, this beguiling scent will fortify all your senses and bring you an etherial sense of peace and grounding. Recite her mantra, “OM TARE, TUTTARE, TURE SOHA” to help you feel peace.

10ml Quan Yin Scented Healing Mist 

Introducing the all embracing Quan Yin Scented Healing Mist. Dive into the lush nectar-like aroma of soft fuzzy peach that embraces the tart sweetness of blackcurrant. A whiff of almond heliotrope and blossoms of white neroli join this mouth watering juicy fragrance that encases sunshine in every drop. This heavenly inviting and enveloping scent brings instant connection to the all mighty power that is the Great Spirit, Sophia.

10ml White Buffalo Woman Scented Healing Mist 

Introducing the remarkable White Buffalo Woman Scented Healing Mist. Delicate yet powerful and pure, the enticing unspoilt splendour of a bouquet of roses is enriched with the aromatic warmth of majestic myrrh, and elevated with the delicious twist of uplifting zesty grapefruit. An ethereal sacred fragrance, it embraces us all in its intoxicating halo and reflects the human soul in its purest form. Feel confident that the power of your prayers allow you to reach beyond limited human awareness to command miracles.

10ml Mother Mary Scented Healing Mist

Bringing you the enrapturing Mother Mary Scented Healing Mist, designed to cleanse your aura and space, while helping you to fully accept all that we are, in both the petals and thorns of our own Divine rose. Embodying the time honoured Divine reverence of frankincense and myrrh, this sacred blend combines the classic combination of delicate rose and earthy, spicy patchouli with the cleansing properties of sage to provide the deepest loving care. Ask yourself, “What could I do to love myself fully right now?” Know that it is always safe to open your heart and accept the truth of your own innate beauty.


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