Green Tara 15ml Scented Healing Mist with Booklet


15ml Green Tara Scented Healing Mist & booklet (inc postage to UK)


Introducing the strengthening blend of Green Tara, designed to cleanse your aura and space, while helping you to recognise the innocence and light within you, allowing you to release all suffering. Here the cool green notes of ivy, cypress and cedar offer a slightly spicy aspect and a refreshing twist of woodland vetiver. Strengthened with a hint of the intoxicating and sincere patchouli, and elevated with the uplifting and sensual scent of mandarin. Long lasting and luxurious, this beguiling scent will fortify all your senses and bring you an etherial sense of peace and grounding. Recite her mantra, “OM TARE, TUTTARE, TURE SOHA” to help you feel peace. 


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