“Abracadabra” is actually a Hebrew phrase meaning “I create what I speak”.

You are a being with no end to your capacity for expansion. We have the gift to be able to watch what we think about most turn into reality. For this reason it is imperative that we treat our thoughts as if they were spells of magic.

Let your last thought at night and first thing in the morning be for the appreciation in the small things that don’t challenge you in any way, such as the feeling of the pillow under your head. It’s easier to start the day in appreciation if you’ve ended the day in appreciation as you then wake up in the same state. Similarly, it’s easier to have a better day if you’ve started it in appreciation as the Law of Attraction is amplifying wherever you are at.

Making and holding your relationship with the Universe at this level is the most beneficial thing you can do if you want to have a life full of abundance. The challenge is to not put your focus on the things you don’t want. Personally speaking, as an Empath, this can be a lot easier said than done. Our natural state when we see someone in pain to to sympathise with them. But in actual fact, we are being of no benefit to do this as the thoughts of what is when the “what is” isn’t what they want, do not need amplifying further. This does not mean of course that we need to shut off our emotions, rather instead hold the best version of people and situations instead. If we truly care and want to make a difference, the best action we can take is to hold that space for things to shift. Tell someone they are amazing and they will become amazing! I believe this is how the Angels see us, as the best possible versions, and maintaining this focus brings us into alignment and closer to them. Imagine the wellbeing and will for it at every moment, ignore the present difficulties. Keep practicing the though of success.

Thoughts and feelings have their own specific magnetic energy which attracts energy of a similar nature. We can see this in action when we “accidentally” bump into someone that we have just been thinking about, or just “happen” to pick up a book that contains exactly the perfect information that we need at that moment. These synchronistic moments are signs that we are in alignment with our true state of being.

Our thoughts need to be treated as magic because they are the first step to manifestation. When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form. Our thoughts then act as a blueprint, creating an image of the form, which magnetises and guides the physical energy to flow into that form and eventually manifest into the physical plane. “Abracadabra!”


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