Emotions are our vibrational feedback to help us navigate between where we are now and where we want to go. Consider what your emotions are trying to guide you towards.

Fear is an indication that you need to prepare for something. Rewire your brain to move away from pain and move towards pleasure by focusing on what it is that you actually do want, rather than what you don’t.

If it’s hurt, this indicates that your expectations have not been met. Again, shift your focus onto what you do now want instead. Change your communication and communicate your needs better, or meet someone else’s needs better.

Anger lets you know that you have a major rule that’s been violated.

Frustration says that what you’re doing isn’t working. You can still succeed but you need to change. Flex.

Disappointment shows that what you expected to happen and it’s not going to. Again, instead focus on what you want now.

Guilt indicates that you’ve violated one of your own standards. This is a sure fire way to wake you up so that you don’t ever do it again.

Feeling overwhelmed, helpless or depressed? This is feeling of no freedom, of being out of control. On the other end of the scale is empowerment. That’s where there is joy, appreciation and passion. Sit down and re-prioritise. Write a list of what you could do right away to start feeling better. Take back your control by taking action. Do one thing on that list well and feel the sense of achievement.

If you are feeling alone then this is a message that you need to connect with people. Change your perception, change your action. Go out and be more loving. Initiate.

If you’re feeling inadequate, this is a message that you need to change your standards because you’re being unfair to yourself. Get committed to mastering this area. You’re not going to be perfect first time.

Most of us deal with emotions by either avoiding them altogether, which becomes even more painful and creates a sense of loss. Some indulge in them, hanging onto them and pushing them dow. Some compete to see who feels the worst, keeping track to argue who’s suffering the worst. Others try and share their pain, believing they can get rid of their emotions by sharing with others. These are not intelligent ways to use our emotions. We have to instead change what it means to us  so that we can transform that feeling. Venting, demanding and expressing pain does not help in the long run. By transforming what things mean to you by changing your communication and realising that you don’t actually know all there is to know about the situation, you open yourself up for expansion.

We all have something that we really want that causes us pain until we get it. This could be a relationship, a better house, a job for example. We all have a sense of not being fulfilled and this is what drives us. But you can’t solve an internal problem with an external action. We first have to learn how to feel happy and complete regardless. Then we are free to choose what we want to have in our lives. Remember that you are never in a stronger position than when you are prepared to walk away. Realise that your life, with all the problems you think you have, is already perfect. In difficult times, it pays to ask yourself if you are being the person that you want to be.

Living in a “Me” centred universe, you’ll live a mediocre frustrated existence with flashes of joy. Find something to benefit a larger group and you will live a remarkable life.

To be truly successful, live a life based in love, not fear, including a love for yourself. Shine your light and be yourself and follow what lights you up. Let your emotions be your guidance system to align you with what you desire.

Appreciate the actions you take along the way, rather than focusing on lack in the present moment or distress that you’ve not yet reached your goals. In this way, you will truly have conquered life.

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