Just recently I have been truly blessed to have experienced a life transformational training session with the force of nature that is Tony Robbins, and his inspiring and uplifting team, through the Unleash The Power Within event. I will be sharing with you more insights from this incredible event, but for now I’d like to focus upon the most beneficial revelation to leading a life in the best state possible and free from chronic disease.
It was an amazing revelation to me to discover how much of our actions and abilities are affected by something called mitochondria – tiny bacteria that live in nearly every cell in our bodies.
Do you, like me, suffer from not being able to think of the right words when speaking, walk into a room and forget why, have problems remembering names or significant events in your life?
I always use to get a strong desire to eat something sweet after a meal, and get irritable when hungry. Perhaps you struggle with moods in general? Do you find yourself snapping at people, having a lack of patience, suffering from road rage or even depression?
We go through life experiencing these things and just assuming it’s all normal, but imagine.. What if you could live a life with no more afternoon energy slumps, brain fog, fatigue and sleep that isn’t refreshing! Imagine now how it would feel to experience the best possible you, sharp, focused, effective, reliable, with a constant stream of energy.
The book “Head Strong- The bullet proof plan to activate untapped brain energy to work faster and think smarter in just wo weeks” by David Asprey covers in fascinating detail exactly how mitochondria control and effect the body.
Put basically, these tiny bacteria create energy and live of glucose (sugar), fat and amino acids. They are also light sensitive. The number, efficiency and strength of your mitochondria dictates whether or not you’ll develop cancer or a degenerative disease. The sooner you start taking care of these tiny bacteria, the better chance you have.
We can do this by ensuring we have the best possible nutrition. Even if we think we eat a healthy diet, taking vitamin and mineral tablets is the fastest way to boost your mitochondrial function. Most importantly, also take Omega 3, 6, 9 capsules. Your brain is nearly 70% fat at it needs this to run as fuel as stop it from shrinking.
Our cells also require oxygen to survive. Proper exercise, boosted circulation (see me for Indian Head Massage!), and belly breathing exercises are all fabulous.
Being in poor quality (fluorescent) light drains us. Try and get some infra red and ultra violet rays, present in daylight.
Too much sugar increases the amount of insulin in the blood which damages every organ in the body, so try and stabilise blood sugar levels.
Food manufactures load products with sugar to get it to the “bliss point” where we get addicted to it. We carry on eating processed food because our body does not recognise it is satisfied as it doesn’t provide the nutrients we require.
Lastly, by making a conscious effort to drink more pure filtered water, preferably ionised so that it holds a negative charge, you will be slowing down age-accelerating radical damage, while also preventing the brain from oxidation, protecting from neurodegeneration, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s.
As an energy healer I can confirm that by following these guidelines to take good care of myself, my vibration has become higher and I feel lighter and brighter. My energy as increased and so has my motivation. By getting our energy up, we are able to manifest at a really hight speed and accelerate along our path to our dreams! So, embrace and love your body, it’s the most amazing thing you will ever own!

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