I’ve just recently had the amazing opportunity to be able to galvanise people into confidently moving forward with their highest goals and aspirations, which has given me such joy! When I take people on a journey to see their perfect future through Future Life Progression, it’s not me giving the predictions, I am merely a guide to help you connect to your future self. In that moment of deep relaxation you’re able to confidently step into your own power and clearly see, sense, hear and feel the best actions for you to take. Incredible wisdom flows through you as you connect to your future and higher self. It’s the most incredibly uplifting and inspiring experience imaginable! If you’d like to read more about it, please visit the Future Life page in the service section of this site. 

I do feel that a lot of people are waking up right now to realise that there is more to life that just the daily existence. There’s a fire in all of us with the passion to make a difference in this world. More and more people are looking for fulfilment in honouring this calling. Even if you’re not feeling called to make a dramatic change in your life, there are still ways you can connect to that uplifting energy.

I’ve also noticed that, with the pressure of lockdown surrounding us, a lot of people are more easily triggered right now. There’s a lot of volatile energy around as people are feeling more vulnerable and isolated. Please know that you can make a difference by being the light, by staying in your heart centre and sending loving thoughts to all those that are struggling right now. If you want to help others, the best way is not to sink down to their level, but to hold the space for them to move up to your level. Believe me, I know how hard this may sound when you’re witnessing someone in pain, but as a healer I can let you know this is how transformation can take place. By seeing others as already whole, healed and complete, just as the Angels see all of us, there is the potential for change.

Similarly we do not have to seek to destroy the society around us that is no longer serving us, for this will happen on it’s own. We need to hold the vision for what we want to take it’s place instead. Take a moment now to consider what kind of world you would like to live in? What’s values and beliefs are important to you? I have really noticed that we are moving into a much more compassionate time. A lot of people not don’t walk passed a homeless person, trying to pretend they’re not there, they reach into their pocket for change, or nip into the nearest shop to buy a little extra to pass onto them. We can all make a difference, even if it’s just with a smile.

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