In wanting to support you through our 2nd National Lockdown, I thought I’d share with you my best tips that are keeping me in a good place, in the hope they would benefit you.

Tip 1

Remember your spiritual support team. As usual, I start the day with an affirmation to welcome in the help of the Angels & all beings of love  & light to protect & support me.

Tip 2

Play uplifting music that makes you want to dance. Music has the amazing ability to shift our state instantly. Being at home more often leads to more housework & everyday chores feel much less mundane when you’re dancing while you do them.

Tip 3

Keep moving. Wrap up & take yourself off for a long walk. Start on on-line fitness class. I’ve recently discovered on-line yoga with the amazing Emma Cahill at Staying active really helps with mental wellbeing, so find whatever you enjoy to keep you going.

Tip 4

Give up the snacks. If you, like me, have noticed the pounds creeping on (& on!) this year, start to become more mindful of what you’re eating & when. There’s a good app called My Fitness Pal where you can enter in what you are eating & drinking to be able to see your calorific intake.

Tip 5

Release anxiety by dropping into your heart. Anxiety is resisting the present moment. When you feel yourself projecting into panicking about the future – stop. You can be aware of the worst case scenario, but you don’t have to agree that it will happen. Reclaim your power and bring your focus back into your heart in this present moment.

Tip 6

Make meal times special. I’ve been blessed enough to inherit a fancy dinner set & last weekend we got the best china out & had a tea party. My little girl absolutely loved having juice from the delicate tea cups & my husband made tasty finger sandwiches & homemade soup. When we can’t go out, we can still enjoy a special meal. Dig out a cookbook & try making a new recipe. We need variety in our life to thrive, so get experimenting in the kitchen.

Tip 7

Drink the best quality water. Keep yourself hydrated with the purest water you can. We are on average 70% water and it’s vital to support our body by drinking plenty of pure water. I’ve invested in a filter jug and the taste difference is incredible! The water tastes so much sweeter. Water has the ability to take on the properties of what surrounds it, as shown by the famous studies of Dr. Emoto. For this reason I’ve also placed a quartz crystal in the jug. It’s a wonderful feeling to know I’m giving my children a fabulous boost when I fill up their water bottles for school. When we take care of ourselves in this way we make life sacred and we honour our Divinity within. 

Tip 8

Connect with friends & family. To be honest, I’ve never found it easy to pick up the phone. I relay so much on reading the energy of a person for communication that just hearing their voice feels very awkward to me. However, with video calls now available through Messenger, WhatsApp & Zoom, it’s easier than ever to reach out to those you care about. Give them a call & see how they’re doing.

Tip 9

Meditate with crystals. Crystals hold incredible supportive energy & it’s easy to programme them to bring in more light to raise your vibration.

I’ve recently seen a wonderful post from Tim Wilde where he shows you that you can activate your crystal by connecting with it in your heart space, then you can set the intention to bring in the light from the brightest stars in the Universe – Rigel, the sun of Orion; Sirius A, the dog star & brightest in the sky; Alpheratz, the star of Andromeda; Alcyone, the sun of the Pleiadian system; Arcturus the red star; Vega, the brightest star in the Northern consolation of Lyra & also Capella, the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga. Ask your crystal to be an anchor for that light & to help you adjust to the changing frequencies of the planet.

Tip 10

The 3 G’s – Gratitude, Gains & Goals. Start a new night time routine of making a note of what you’re grateful for for that day, what you have managed to accomplish & what your goals are for the next day. This is an unbelievably powerful practise that will give you the stability and certainty to move forward & enjoy life. There’s a danger of one day blending into the next when we don’t have the variety and physical interactions we once did. Our mind is so incredibly powerful and without training it to focus on what is wanted, it can turn against us, giving rise to depression and anxiety. Use this simple but effective exercise to focus your mind to make it work For you and not Against you. You have to power to create your own reality. Stay in your heart and focused on what you want to bring in for your highest good. The Universe will not disappoint you. X

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