Quan Yin 15ml Scented Healing Mist with Booklet


15ml Quan Yin Scented Healing Mist & booklet (inc postage to UK)


Introducing the all embracing Quan Yin Scented healing Mist. Dive into the lush nectar-like aroma of soft fuzzy peach that embraces the tart sweetness of blackcurrant. A whiff of almond heliotrope and blossoms of white neroli join this mouth watering juicy fragrance that encases sunshine in every drop. This heavenly inviting and enveloping scent brings instant connection to the all mighty power that is the Great Spirit, Sophia.

Know that it is safe for you to let go of your deepest fears, insecurities and wounds, and embody radical self-compassion and recite her mantra of compassion “OM MANE PADME HUM.”


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