I love this card by Edward Monk so much that I had it framed. For me it epitomises the whole way life should be approached. “Let us, like the Elephant, live happy and live true, by finding JOY and WONDER in each little thing we do. Life is of course a constant struggle, otherwise how could be here learn and grow. This picture however, serves as a reminder to me to stay focused on the magic of life and helps keep my vibration high.

It fascinates me that by shifting our focus we can change and shape the reality around us. As an Energetic Healer I am aware that we are magnetic beings and we draw into our lives that which we focus on. It is hugely beneficial to treat your thoughts as if they were spells of magic. Our thoughts are what shape the reality we personally experience. If we intend for something to happen, it usually does. I constantly try to be mindful that the thoughts I have support the life I want.

I am a huge fan of Ted Talks and one of the most inspiring and enlightening ones I’ve seen was from the Neuroscientist, David Eagleman, entitled “Can we create new senses for humans?” in March 2015. Here he pointed out that as humans, we perceive less than a ten-trillionth of all light waves. Our experience of reality is constrained by our biology. We have radio waves, micro waves and gamma waves passing through us right now and we are completely unaware of it because we don’t come with the proper receptors for picking it up. There are thousands of mobile phone conversations passing through our bodies right now and we are utterly blind to it. It’s not that these things are inherently unstable. Snakes include some infra red in their reality and honey bees include ultra violet in their view of the world.

We build machines in the dash board of our cars to pick up on signals in the radio wave frequency range and we build machines in hospitals to pick up on the x-ray range, but you can’t sense any of those yet, at least not yet, because you don’t come equipped with the proper senses.

​What this means is that we have a very limited experience of reality as constrained by our biology. Our brains are sampling just a thin slice of the eco system according to what our ears, eyes and finger tips can pick up on. In science, this is know as the umwelt, the German word for surrounding world. Presumably every animal assumes that it’s umwelt is the entire objective reality out there because why would you ever stop to imagine that there is something beyond what we can sense. Instead, what we all do is accept reality as it is presented to us.

For me, this gap sparks an intense curiosity.

​”Magic is about a sense of possibilities. It’s a feeling of wonder and was about your world. If you want, hope and believe, you can make it happen”. Walt Disney

Earth is know as the plane of illusion as nothing is as it appears to be. I often wonder if psychic mediums are just higher evolved as they have learned to open up their sensitivity to the surrounding energies.

It is said that “all is perfect according to God’s laws. Only our perception of it is distorted. We will continue to struggle until we see the divine flame in all people and all things. View all from a perspective of love and you will walk the ascension pathway.” Diana Cooper. This is certainly the focus in my reality that I wish to cultivate, and it’s all part of finding joy and wonder in every little thing.

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