We are creatures of habit and this can serve us for several reasons. The reputation of an act brings familiarity and a deep sense of comfort. In Spirituality, having daily rituals that help connect us to ourselves and the Divine, helps further enhance our sense of peace and wellbeing. By taking the time to remind yourself what your main focus is, you are helping yourself to be grounded. This can be deeply beneficial when the world seems like a challenging place.

I encourage you to take a moment to consciously decide what you can do on a daily basis to nurture and care for yourself. Have the uncompromising attitude that no matter what, the actions that give you deep joy and a sense of self-preservation Will be carried out. It is also beneficial to reflect on your current habits and ask yourself if they truly serve you.

I start the day with a lemon and ginger tea and a glass of water to  give my liver a boost and get my digestive system going. As soon as I open my eyes, I thank my Angels for sharing with me what I need to know for the day to best serve them. After seeing to the children, I have breakfast and take a vitamin & mineral supplement along with an Omega 3,6 & 9 capsule.

Throughout the day I take regular opportunities to practice mindfulness and conscious breathing. At every meal time I stop, and before the first bite, give thanks for the food and bless it. I stay receptive throughout the day to signs from my guides, usually by observing repeated numbers or finding feathers and then ask what the message I’m been given  is about. I believe we are always being guided, we just need to pay attention and follow our intuition with action.

The more we move, the better we feel. I am lucky that throughout the day, I get to do very little sitting down. With dogs to walk and children to run round after, there is very little time to rest. I enjoy listening to uplifting music that makes me want to dance. If ever something goes right, it always deserves a celebration dance.

The evenings are dedicated to fussing my cats, meditating and connecting to my guides, reading and writing. I have a journal that I use for automated writing to connect to my Guardian Angels, and two favourite Angel oracle card decks that I draw insight from.

Every night after taking a shower,  I carry out the Psychic Protection 101 taught to me by Kyle Gray. This involves first asking Archangel Michael to cut the cords to people, places and situations that no longer serve me. I then imagine my aura is the colour gold while I expand it out 20 or 30ft. Lastly, I repeat the mantra “I am the keeper of my mind and body. Where ever there is love there is no fear, and love is here” (tapping my chest for the last sentence).

I end the day with a peppermint tea and thinking of either three things I a grateful for that day, or a visualisation on my dreams having manifested, so that I can really bring colour and emotion into that, then letting it go completely to the Angels. Going to bed in a good state of mind ensures i wake up in a good state of mind.

I would love you to share your best actions that help you to have a great day!

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